Flock Dyeing, Finishing & Drying

Cut flock can be dyed in slurry form while uncut tow can be dyed in conventional dye jigs. It is sometimes necessary to bleach flock before dyeing in order to obtain the full shade value, especially with delicate pastel shades. For special applications, solution-dyed yarns can be used for maximum lightfastness.

Flock must be chemically finished in order to perform satisfactorily during electrostatic or mechanical application. The finish can be applied to the tow prior to cutting (a procedure usually utilised for AC flocking), or to the flock as part of the dyeing procedure. The type of finish will vary according to flock type and method of application.

Finishing agents are selected to impart:

  • Lustre and a soft hand;
  • Good "flow" and siftability during the flock feeding operation;
  • Antistatic properties; and
  • Good conductivity (for electrostatic flocking).

Flock is normally tumbled or cyclone-dried to achieve optimum moisture content for the application process.